General questions

General questions I got asked mostly...

Q. Are you the one animated Eevee Party/ Warrior Cats fan animation?

A. Yes. Any animation that has A Si/ SSS/ or A Film by Yu Ji as their logo are animate and directed by me.

Q. What program do you use?

A. For personal projects (Those animation of mine you have seen online except Journey Out which is a school project) are animated with Flash. Flash is a program created for graphic design, motion and interactive graphic for internet and animate frame by frame with Flash is not what Flash is suppose to be used. Since I'm into traditional hand drawn animation, for works with lower quality output such as my personal projects instead of using a light box I use Flash to save works and time.

Flash CAN create high quality animation if you work for it, but for my personal projects created just to put it on youtube, it doesn't have to.

I usually draw straight into Flash with my graphic tablet/ drawing pad. Outline, colour and shading frame by frame all in Flash. Since Random Story I started to create background in Photoshop before import into Flash. And since Warrior Cat fan animation intro the animation is imported from Flash into After Effect to create additional visual effects such as thunder, lense flare, high lights, filter and color adjustment.

Q. What version of Flash are you using?

A. Currently I'm using Flash CS3 which is a copy a good friend gave to me, I used to use Flash 2004 and Flash 8 which are also copied programs. There is no real need to buy the original before I actually running the studio with my friend and create the animation with the program for commercial reason. If you just like to learn the program or use it in your personal time for some fun you can always try to ask a friend or lecture for a copy, or download the 30 days trail and see if you can learn it in a month.

Q. Are you a Flash animator?

A. I'm an animation, but I wouldn't call myself a Flash animator. I'm using Flash just to create frame by frame animation and this is not what Flash is created for. I would say I only know 10% of the program. The powerful elements in Flash are its action script and it's designed to create interactive graphics for internet.

Q. How did you learn the program?

A. I got my first Flash copy from a family's friend and a thick Flash tutorial book in about the April of 2004. I'm a book person and I simply read one chapter every day. Just pretend you are a robot or something stupid and just read it everyday. Read it in break time in school, during lunch you can even bring the book with you in toilet. Do every single exercises in the book. If you really want to learn something you will make it work. I learned the basic of how to animate with the program and animated my first 3 minutes 'feature' - the animation with the toy bomb after about a month of learning Flash.

If reading instruction book is not your thing, don't force yourself to read. Everyone have their own way of learning, you should find a way that suits yourself the best. Never give up is the key.

Q. What do you think is the most important thing in animating?

A. Different people have different ideas but I would say it's the speed. I had all the speed and quality argument with my fellow friend. I believe to animate with speed motivates you, the most important thing when animating to me is to complete the work thoroughly, and once you completed one animation you can design the quality level for the next project and roughly estimate the time you will spend on it by using the production speed of your roughest quality as measuring model. I think the last thing you want to feel when you animate is when you can't see the end, it's like a never ending project and you will feeling like get sucked into a black hole and which might end up with an unfinished work.

In conclusion I think to respect your work is to finish it. Which is also when dealing with client in real life, you must finish your work before the deadline otherwise you will get fired. Speed will come first and quality the second.

Q. How long for you to finish an animation?

A. This depends on the length, quality and the content of the animation. For my personal projects which I would animate in Flash by myself or with assistance from a few online friends - a rough few seconds animation can be done in a day. a 3 minute animation with the quality of Whispering Moon is about a few days to 1 week. I finished Eevee party 2 in 2 week but usually an animation with quality like that usually took me longer. The 15 minutes long Dream Fairy without audio animated in 2005 took me 2 months. 20 to 30 minutes long Warrior Cats fan animation episode took me few months to produce which includes the time of creating backgrounds, picking voice actors, waiting for lines, shading the frames, sound editing, rendering and along with my school works and part time works in real life. Time and energy spend on an animation could be enormous.